Cedarburg Art Museum

The mission of the Cedarburg Art Museum is to establish and then to maintain a permanent forum that will collect, exhibit and preserve the artwork of Cedarburg Wisconsin and its environs for the ages. 

And through the above work, to continually promote Cedarburg Wisconsin as a small but dynamic center for the visual and creative arts.

Cedarburg's Bernhard Schneider: 
From Len's to Brush

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September 3 -  November 16, 2014

German emigré Bernhard Schneider came to Milwaukee in 1885 for its panorama painting industry, but when it faded in the late 1880s, Schneider settled in Cedarburg where he could find lovely, rural landscapes to paint.  

A recent discovery of Schneider photographic negatives brings new  perspective to Schneider’s paintings and life in the 1890s and early  1900s.  Explore a favorite spot of Schneider’s with his photos  and paintings of the woodsy Hilgen Springs Resort, now lost to a residential subdivision.

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