A Gift to the Future… The Cedarburg Art Museum and its initial 49 paintings were donated to the people of Cedarburg by a trust fund left for the community by Ozaukee Bank. Ozaukee Bank was a popular financial services company that sold stock in Cedarburg, and opened for business there in 1975. During its 32 years as an independent Bank, from modestbeginnings in an old house, it grew to become Wisconsin’s ninth largest financial institution. And eventually, based out of five prominent stone office buildings throughout Ozaukee County, it became the dominant Bank in the County. In 2007, with key management and many of its 400 stockholders nearing retirement age, the Board of Directors agreed to merge the business into BMO Harris Bank. Ozaukee Bank, with its substantial customer base and clean loan & bond portfolio’s, garnered a higher price than any Bank previously sold in Wisconsin.

The Bank’s founder, Chairman M D “Mal” Hepburn, wanted to do something for Cedarburg to acknowledge the support they had received over the years from the community. With the Directors agreement he selected 49 paintings, from the Bank’s collection of over 200 artworks, to be set aside for a new Art Museum. The Directors also set aside $1,500,000 in a Trust Fund to support the future Museum…along with other cultural, artistic and service groups in the community. The fund, Ozaukee Bank's Gift to the Future, has the mission of "Supporting Cedarburg...Now and Forever".


Photographs by Cedarburg Art Museum  W63 N675 Washington Avenue,  Cedarburg, WI  53012 

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