Cedarburg Art Museum


The mission of the Cedarburg Art Museum is to establish and then to maintain a permanent forum that will collect, exhibit and preserve the artwork of Cedarburg Wisconsin and its environs for the ages. 

And through the above work, to continually promote Cedarburg Wisconsin as a small but dynamic center for the visual and creative arts.


Bernhard Schneider:
From Lens to Brush

Presented by 

September 3 - November 16, 2014

Cedarburg’s Bernhard Schneider:  From Lens to Brush is the Cedarburg Art Museum’s most ambitious undertaking to date.  The German-born, master landscape painter came to Milwaukee in 1885 for the burgeoning panorama painting industry that was providing a new phenomenon of entertainment in rotunda buildings.  When that industry faded by the early 1890s, Schneider came to live in Cedarburg so he could practice his landscape painting in a more bucolic setting. 

This comprehensive exhibition will integrate the 19th century artist’s paintings of Cedarburg gathered from private collectors and public museums, never-before shown artist photographs from a recently The Groth Family Collection, and newly translated diary entries from one of the German-born panorama painters.  Related activities during the exhibition will invite visitors to experience Cedarburg’s artistic heritage in a new way. 

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